Twilight Zone (Bally 1993)


I just got another Twilight Zone, after having missed the one I sold, so much. But no problems, this is in just as good shape as the one I had, if not even better! Look here for a story on how this game was restored. It is great to get a machine that you don't have to clean and repair for days before getting to play!


This is a fine machine, but it is even more good looking with some add-on toys from International Decorator Supply. A piano, a camera and a rocketship really fit into game theme.

Add-ons are not too striking.

Piano has holes for the two lamps.

Camera LED's light along with the playfield Camera lamp.

Rockets tail flashes orange when ball is launched.


I installed a support for the Slot machine target, it gets severe hits during play and the target bends backwards. The support piece prevents the target bending. See here for more details.


There are 6 very hard to find wedge base flashing lamps in backbox, so I replaced their sockets with more common BA9S bayonet socket. Now I can use cheap #455 bulbs. Two of the removed wedge base holders found a new place in playfield door panel GUM and BALL lights, where they now hold #906 flasher bulbs, that were left out from production games. Now my TZ looks even more great :)

Door GUM and BALL lights flash along with the upper ramp flashers.


I replaced the display with a new one. Not that the old had any problems, it will make a nice spare display, but the new one is brighter, and it really shows the effects using different brightnesses a lot better than the old one.


I put some colored plastic balls in the gumball machine side compartments, now it looks like the gumball machine is full of gumballs.

Filled gumball machine.