I still remember Vector from my engineering studying years, when I played it quite a lot in a local bar in 1983. My memories are getting a little weak however, since I was very sure that someone has changed the spinner to a wire gate on this game. But a look at the operators manual shows that there really should be a gate and not a spinner.

The playfield has two levels, a little like Flash Gordon. It is nice that this is not worn so badly as was my FG though.

The game measures the balls speed going up left ramp, and it then shows at the display under the playfield. That ramp was the one I remembered to have a spinner in front of it.

Vector has a nice two layered backglass. The front glass has an image at the middle, and it is otherwise transparent. The second glass has background image and displays. Between the glasses there are light bulbs that create a great "infinity effect" when reflected by the two glasses. Unfortunately this picture is taken with power off.

The sound board is completely silent, with only some hum from the speaker. No speech, no sounds. But the test led flashes, so there is some life in it. I think it can be fixed. Under the playfield there were no major problems visible.


Sound board came into life after replacing some dried capacitors. The lamp driver had some burned out pins on its connector, blanking most of playfield lights, especially when some of general illumination in this game is controlled by an auxiliary board driven by lamp board. Anyway, now it works and the machine needs only cleaning and waxing.


I finally fixed the 4. player display, that had some digits missing. Typical problem in Ballys, 100k resistors burn out in display board. Probably the display voltage has been too big sometimes in this games history.


The right flipper was beginning to feel a little lazy. Especially when trying to shoot for the Vectorscan ramp, that measures ball speed. But all mechanical parts wear out in use. So it is time for a new plunger, a new flipper pawl, a new coil sleeve and a new EOS switch. The difference is remarkable. New Vector speed record was made in first game after the rebuild.


After removing the playfield glass for about the 20th time, to take the ball from between the glass and the plastic under the upper flipper, I decided something needs to be done. I tried inserting some washers under the plastic, to lift it a little higher. Let's see if that works. No stuck balls after about ten test games anyway. But time will tell...


I installed a new software version by Oliver, that adds some nice features, a plunger skill shot and lots of new voice quotes. It works fine.


I removed the suspicious looking memory backup battery from CPU board, and installed a gold cap in its place. No more worrying about leaking battery destroying the PC board.


The game is transferred to Viiala gameroom, and now is the time to do some proper maintenance. A thorough cleaning and replacing of all left flipper moving parts, both coilstops and bushings. Right side button contacts were finished, so I put in a new switch.

Occasional dimming of playfield lamps was fixed when I connected an extra ground wire to lamp driver board. The small connector didn't pass enough current when many lamps were on at the same time. But now they are nice and bright.


Vector is now challenging a new owner.