World Cup


I remember playing the 1978 Williams World Cup a lot as a kid, in the Tampere bus staion cafe. So when one became available now, I had to get it, naturally :)

Cabinet has onlu some minor scratches.

The game had a broken playfield glass, and to get out all the pieces the seller had removed the top arch, but fortunately he hadn't lost it.

Backglass is almost perfect.

Solid playfield.

Inside, everything OK.

The game was dead when turned on. Old batteries, having leaked slightly, had probably destroyed the SCANBE sockets on CPU board, and even if they haven't, the 28 years surely have. So let's get on with the CPU board and replace all sockets..

Batteries have leaked a bit.

Under the playfield, most all parts in place.

Sound board is intact.

The electronics has broken while the game has still been in use. Some coils were left on and burnt out. Probably also their driver transistors. So what, they are still easy to replace!.

Knocker coil looks dead.

And so does the eject hole coil.


The playfield is now clean and waxed, and all lamps and rubbers have been replaced. The back arch top plate is missing, but I fortunately already found one.

Circuit boards had all kinds of problems, but now everything works. All sockets had to be replaced, together with a handful of various chips and transistors.

Playfield needs only very minor touchups with green paint.


Top arch is installed, and the game is almost complete. Only the sound board is a little flaky because of SCANBE sockets. After replacing the sockets, everything is in tip top condition!


I replaced the sound board IC sockets. Two 40 pin and one 24 pin. The board was running OK after that, so even though I have prepared a new sound ROM, that wasn't needed. The game is now fully operational!


The game moved on to the next owner.