It is starting to look like all the games I once got a flyer from, are getting into my collection. Last one is Bally Xenon from 1979. Thanks to a fellow pinhead, I found out there was one for sale in Norway. And with a little help of the same friend, transport to Finland succeeded with ease. Thank you very very much!

Xenon is the first talking pinball by Bally. Also revolutionary because it was the first game with female voice. All other talking games had only male voice, because that requires less sample space, and thus less expensive ROM memory. But Xenon had lots of ROM and female voice, a great choice.

Also unusual in 1979 was a two ball multiball. After three hits in top eject hole, the right side ramp with clear plastic tube after it, ending in another eject hole, locked the ball. Three shots to top hole again released both balls to playfield.

It feels a little scary... if my flyer theory holds, even some Gottliebs will end up into my collection, along with some videogames. But OK, hopefully I'll find a place for them...

The backbox has double glass, which creates a nice infinity light effect.

Some touchups on playfield, but it still looks good.

Inside looks nice. No gimmicks by Mr. Repairdude.

Double glass in backbox.

The standard sound board has an add-on speech circuitry.